Competing clans using "Report" function to ban players


I am a clan leader on the wirt server for a whale clan. Competing clans on the server are using the “report” function to get me & my clan members banned from chat. 5 people were banned from chat today, a few yesterday. Collectively we probably have 15 members banned. I’ve been banned from chat for over 25 days now (i keep getting re-banned, literally without even saying anything).

I am not alone, folks in other clans are getting mass reported too, and most clan leaders from the top clans have been muted.

Collectively, my clan has opened at least 15 support tickets to Blizzard & blizzard refuses to address the issue or even look into it.

Fix your “report” function.


Yep I’m in the clan and was just silenced in-game… it’s left me scratching my head. Would be nice if there was some Blizz-side human review or oversight for the report/ban process
Also, malicious reporters should have some repercussions for misusing support tools


I am in the clan as well and was banned for 14 days. I do not talk in public chat and only communicate to the people I play with.


Hey Ferm! We have the same issue on our server. +1 for a more comprehensive fix please.


Hey Tny, I recognize you from BGs :slight_smile:
Glad to hear it’s not just us (well… not “glad”, but you know what I mean)


I have been banned as well for this exact reason. I tried to get it appealed for this reason and just got a generic response and no real help.


I guess Blizz has cut corners (has done “optimizations”) and the ban process is not human driven but AI - driven.
In the real world the last word for banning/unbanning someone should have resided with a human. People that report should provide proof for their report (if not their in-game Character should be reset to Level 1 for Report-abuse).
In AI world, you have some thresholds (i.e 10 Reports in 12 hours) and passing those the AI enters into action.
This is very harmful for the health of the game.


the fear of talking in any chat has been a issue for weeks, but even with out talking many of us have gotten the chat ban now


When you are banned you recieve a generic email saying your acount has been silence and a link to a generic article as to why.

If you try to appeal the ban, you recieve a cookie cutter response from a “Game Master” saying they confirm the ban and that Blizzard already sent the reason why (the article?).

The worst part is, you are no longer allowed to use the “PARTY FINDER” function…

We have seen clans talk about abusing this fuction on numerous occasions


Ok, so this is a Chat Silence, not a game ban. Quite different things.

I don’t know if they applied the same methods to Immortal as they did to other Blizzard games or not.

  • Multiple reports from unique accounts results in a GM review. The Silence penalty is for chat violations and removes you from social functions, but you can still play the game. Each additional Silence applied is normally double in length. It starts at 24 hours and goes up from there to infinity.

Normally a Silence is applied by a GM after review verifying someone was spamming, using profanity, slurs, etc. When you are reported, the report contains name, server, Bnet account, chat channel, time, and chat logs.

Here is the Silence policy.

Here is the Chat Policy. While the Blizzard game content is rated T-M, the chat policy for all games is very family friendly.

Here is how you appeal if you have not

Now, in WoW there is also an automated Squelch that temp mutes an account pending GM review. It is triggered by lots of unique accounts reporting in a short period of time and was put in place for gold spammers. I don’t know if they applied it to Immortal or not. This is, as far as I know, the only portion of the chat system that is automated.

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Ok so not banned, silenced. This is still a problem, multiple clan members have been silenced who don’t even speak in chat. We even have people in world chat asking others to mass report clans due to sending clan invites. The other issue is when you are silenced you are unable to use the “find party” function which hinders game play.


Hmmm… Well, spamming people with invites is pretty annoying and if someone is doing that, it can get them reported certainly. If actioned, it would be under spam/abusive chat.

Well yes. The intent of a Silence is to remove you from social features for misuse of social features (chat). It is not supposed to be totally fun. The alternative, which they have gone back to in WoW, is a Suspension from the game where you can’t play at all.

I don’t know what they did with Immortal, but if you read the WoW restrictions you can get an idea what they try to accomplish by removing Social features.

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Yes, thank you, we know folks are getting silenced. As I said in the OP, we have written dozens of “appeals” to blizzard only to be told to pound sand in some generic message. It’s actually kind of hilarious how bad Diablo Immortal’s customer service is. I typically dont drop $10k+ on something and get 0 customer support.

Can you answer this:
How many unique accounts are required before your automatic system will chat ban someone?

If that number is less than 100 then your system is flawed.


The reply to an appeal uses a template. It is very easy for a GM to check the logs attached to the report and verify the reports are either true/false. Not that they can’t make a mistake, but that is what appeals are for. You can appeal again until they say no.

The CS team for Blizzard supports all their games. There is no difference between a 17 year WoW player with 25 multiboxing accounts who has spent hundreds of thousands, a high paying immortal player, and a free to play player when it comes to support. All are treated equally. For better or worse.

  1. MVPs are other players, not Blizzard staff. We don’t speak for, or represent, Blizzard. I have been a tech/cs, Diablo, and WoW MVP for around 10 years now. Pretty familiar with helping people get games installed, finding support articles, explaining policies, answering basic game questions.
  2. Blizzard does not reveal the number of reports required to trip any sort of GM review or action. Never have. People will abuse that in coordinated campaigns which is something Blizz does punish for, when they figure it out. They also don’t reveal exactly what someone got caught for when botting/cheating.

P.S. Is there any way to report someone if they don’t speak in chat? I have not found a way yet - on PC.

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I was unbanned on Friday July 1st after a 14 day ban with no reason given. On that Friday I said literally 3 words in clan chat after being unbanned. Played with friends the entire time. I was banned about 3 hours later. CS rep said action was warranted and no justification was given and that the ban would remain.

Similar story for over a dozen of my clan members. If you appear with my clan tag on the leaderboards, you are most likely chat banned.

I also opened a ticket to support for harassment and was told to use the in game reporting tool lol.

I get the feeling there are no humans in this ban system & that GM’s cant do more than copy/paste some generic response.


Can you even report someone using the leaderboard interface? Can you report someone you see running by? I don’t think they can. They have to use the same in-game report functions you were directed to. They can’t just put in a ticket with your names and get you in trouble. Blizz wants the in-game tool because it has the name, server, btag, chat channel, and logs with the report. That means the only way they SHOULD be able to report you is via chat, if you use it.

If something else is going on then that would be a bug. Or if the system is applying a penalty you already served a second time without a new offense, that would be a bug.

Odd. Your clan name is not bad or anything right?

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Blizzard needs to step up and solve this problem. Having half our clan unable to chat for weeks at a time is ridiculous. What will end up happening is reporting wars…

Can you even report someone using the leaderboard interface?

Yes. You click on their name, hit “…” and hit report.

Odd. Your clan name is not bad or anything right?

Clan name is “Infinite”.

It’s quite clear this is a bug in Blizzards reporting system, as competing clans were instructing their clan members to report people in my clan. A few hours later these members are chat banned.

The easiest way to find people in my clan would be off the leaderboards. Friendly clans have also said their members were chat banned after having appeared on the leaderboard.

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Well then, that seems ripe for abuse. I never even though to look. I know I tried clicking on a character to report for name but that did not work. I had to use chat interface then the avatar then the …

IF that is possible like you say, then that would explain what is happening to you. That seems unintended.

i have been very careful with all chats in fear of this chat ban abuse and only tryed to be helpful even when speaking in chat… maybe said 10-20 things in the last 3 weeks of playing and still got hit with a chat ban. after waking up today having it, and not being able to creat groups or talk with clan… it makes it really hard to even want to play…when you know you have done nothing wrong.