Communication Game Breaker

I have not been able to find a category for feedback on Diablo 2 Immortal, so hope this is ok.

On most of Blizzard Games there is a reply button one can use - usually R. Or a Tell option using T.
I realize the game is new and may include this at some point.

I feel like I am getting a you are RUDE Label on me because I can not reply to a message I get when fighting. I have to port to a city and then open up my friends tab. Then search for whom gave me a tell/pm. If they are just in my guild and not a friend, the message is gone - and I get the you are Rude which means I will no longer get help from this person.

When a blizzard game is created, the bones, overlays communication buttons; key adds are gone. The game also throws the game invites at one when fighting. Why can those invites be on the side of the screen that can be looked at later when it is safe?

This is not negative feedback - it is just a positive Advice Need.

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I assume you are talking about the PC port? If so, Bliz has stated as part of their known issues that there is a lack of chat commands.

As for the place for feedback, there is no official Bliz discussion forum for DI. Instead Bliz has deemed the DI reddit for that.