Combat points lost with new season without warning

Hello, at battle pass change I lost all the combat points I had (2371 from the screenshot I have and not counting the last day) and the associated rewards, XP etc… Nowhere it is said that combat points are lost with the new season, I only saw a popup telling me to enjoy the last days of the current season. I am very disapointed to say the least as I was expecting to use those to jumpstart the new season, but also because of the loss of all XP and rewards. I can provide the screenshots as needed. Please advise, thank you.

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So the new season was activated and you are upset that the saved up points you didn’t collect from the old battle pass all vanished?

I am a bit confused about combat points though.

The battle pass doesn’t roll over any points you haven’t used and rewards you haven’t collected. It is a brand new battle pass.

Yeah they saved and lost bp thinking they could jump start this season.

This is how its going to pan out for you op.

There will be no response from blizz here… and you learned a lesson that you probably wont repeat again. They make money of selling a 10 level boost every new season… theres no way theyd just allow you to save up and roll them over… people would max it out day one if that was the case. During the season… stash away… they arent potentially losing money with that.

I understand what you say Corpius, what I absolutely see as a BUG is that there is NO WARNING at all about the potential points loss at season change. I would have happily spent my points yesterday would I had been warned. Well I guess Blizzard is just loosing another customer, as I will most probably just delete the game from my PC, this is just the last straw…

PS: whenever you forget something on the ground, even gold (!) it is sent back to you. Everything you invest (objects improvments, gems or leg gems improvments…) is retrievable. I was really not expecting battle points to just disapear like that in a void.

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No, you can’t use points from the old Battlepass on the new one. Everything resets when the Season ends.

Exactly. You were warned that the Season was ending.

This is not a bug.


I learned a long time ago to turn in every last point etc. as soon as you acquire them in Blizzard games because Blizzard loves to take hard earned items from you without warning.

Then that popup should warn players that all current battlepass points are lost when the season ends. THIS IS A BUG if we are not informed about it to make a decision.

Your Battlepass resets at the end of the Season. The whole thing. That is how it works.

I am not sure why you thought activity on a previous BP would would carry over, but that is not a bug. That is a misunderstanding of how the Battlepass works.

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First thank you for your reply MissCheetah.

Just as BugaBuga said, to me the bug is a default of information that the battle points would not carry over to the next battle pass. Yes I was warned that the battle pass was ending, but to revert your question, why would I thought that the points earned would be simply deleted? The popup says nothing at all about that and the game usually does a great work sending you back everything you did not pickup for instance.

As a feedback I suggest improving the end of season warning message to avoid other people to fall in that trap, clearly stating that battle points will be lost/erased/deleted.

And I personally would like to be compensated for the loss of XP, gold and incuse that I did not get from those 2371 battle points if I had spent them before the end of the season. (I have screenshots in case it is needed)

Thank you

Yeah… dont hold your breath.

I understand your frustration, but you didnt lose them to a bug, just lack of explanation… they really arent the same thing… its working as intended.

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I understand now how it works.

As you say the problem is coming from a lack of explanation and not a coding bug, but a lack of explanation on a game mechanism is still the responsibility of the game designer which is why I call it a bug. Having been an IT PM all my career, proper documentation/instructions are definitely part of the software deliverables. Blizzard actually did a pretty good job on this with all the info boxes everywhere in the game to explain each and every aspect of the game which is why I was surprised by this lack of clarity which led me to losing my combat points.

Frustration is the right word, which is why I - politely - ask for a compensation. Anyway if you do not ask you do not get anything.

Thank you

I can tell you that you won’t get compensation for loss of your Battlepoints or XP that would have come from turning them in. That was your decision not to use them during the Battlepass Season. Again, not a bug. Blizzard does not compensate people for decisions or mistakes that players make.

Blizzard also does not accept screenshots. Unfortunately those can be falsified. Blizzard only uses their own game logs.

MVPs are other players, just to be clear. The most I can do is explain game functionality and policy to you.

Everyone understands you are frustrated, but there is nothing that will be done. You now know how it works and can avoid that mistake in the future.


Again, thank you for taking the time to respond MissCheetah, much appreciated.

It was my decision, yes, but based on lack of information from the game. I understand you can do nothing for me in your position, I was hoping your could eventually escalate, but anyway, no hard feeling.

Diablo Immortal uninstalled, and Diablo 4 will definitely be without me. Knowing and loving Blizzard since the very beginning, I was seeing it go in bad directions since a while, and this is the final straw…

Have fun all, and bye bye!

Sorry but how hard is it to simply turn in the points as you earn them and collect the rewards? Do you seriously need the game to tell you what to do at every stage?

Yeah I know my tone is harsh but it is such a simple mechanic that there is a reason why they didn’t put in a note: “When you earn combat points, you need to turn them in and collect the rewards because when the battle pass finishes, you will no longer be able to collect those rewards.”

The problem is what you consider to be a bug is nothing more than your own mistake. They don’t escalate player mistakes because there would be no time to try and fix bugs.

It is not a mistake, it was a decision. Please read my opening post: I was keeping those points on purpose hoping to jumpstart the new season. I know it does not work like that now.

That is actually exactly what I expected to see. There is already a popup and even a mail if I recall well to warn about the end of the season. How hard is it to state in those: “your unspent combat points will be deleted with the start of the new season” ?