Collector's Edition: pets

There are old Collector’s Editions of Wow, like the classic one, TBC and Wotlk that included pets, that im pretty sure of u could still sell well for money. Pets like Mini Diablo, Zergling, Frosty etc. are still very popular, as u can see when u want to buy it from a person that still has an unused key for it, or an unopened Collector’s Edition, for that u have to pay around 1k Euros in my region for it.
So how about u offer these pets in the blizzard shop?



I also want to buy Cosmetics for the game that are unavailable in the Shop like Heartstone Back Cards and heroes, Banners in Starcraft 2 etc.

I don´t know how much time we will need to have the chance to buy them, nevertheless, i am asking blizzard to hide those items in the game because is horrible to see them and know you can´t unlock them.

Please help me with this request, and i invite to all the people to ask for the same.

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