Collapse Friends list

That’s all. We need an option to collapse the friends list. No need to see that list all the time.


This, the new app creates so much wasted screen space.


I agree! Would love to be able to remove the friends list as such a large feature of the app. Takes up too much space.


Remove friend list please

We need an option to hide the display of the friends list in the main launcher window - it’s already a pretty cluttered interface if you want to keep the window small and allowing us to toggle its display will greatly help this.

All I like is the separate friends list back. Why they took it away? Some months ago they tried the same but people didn’t liked it. Why still try to get rid of it? Get it back.

This is a weird change, the old friends list was resizable, located where I want and didn’t open a useless tabbed chat window when I clicked on a friend that lists every message I’ve ever sent.

@blizz The request for friends list in a separate window linked below has 279 likes and over 5k views but THIS is what you give us?

It’s painfully obvious keeping the friends list integrated is a shameless ploy to force more views to your ad-infested launcher.