Cold War Zombies... unable to play Solo game

It isn’t Blizzard. Battlenet is working. Don’t know where else to go for help.

I can get Cold War to start. I can navigate to the Zombie menu. I click on Solo. When I select a solo game option, it starts a multiplayer game instead. I normally play solo as I have a slow internet connection.

I am hoping that you can help me find some sort of support option at Activision. I find zero on their website. I found their old case system, but that doesn’t work. I also submitted a bug report 3 weeks ago without help. Their facebook page doesn’t have a support option. How do I get help from Activision?

Here is what I reported via the seemingly broken (as it did not provide a case number after submitting nor did I receive an email) Activision case system:

Season 5. Trying to play solo game. I have noticed this error infrequently in the past, but with season 5, I can’t get past this error. Slick on Solo, click on a solo game (it has “(name of map) Solo” in its name), and it goes into the multi-player version of the game. It is like the list of solo games menu is over the full list of game options (the menu where I originally selected “Solo”) and I am clicking the solo game I want and it is clicking the game option from the previous menu. The error that follows is “Host Warning. Current hosting config is resulting in longer than normal…” But I’m not trying to do multiplayer!

Thank you in advance!


Hey Vernalator,

Here’s Activison’s main support site portal:

Thank you. That is where I submitted numerous requests for help. First time was “report a bug” option (3+ weeks ago) and later used the Submit a Ticket… first one was something 8/28 and then again on 09/10.

When I submitted a ticket on 09/10, the screen showed a successful submission of the ticket and provided me with my case number of __________ (blank).

In the past, when I submitted a ticket/case, I would get an email and it would show in my account profile. In both of the tickets that I submitted, I have neither. This is why I am thinking something is broken.

They also did away with the forum support that, like here, is very helpful to the community.


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In other news… with the update that finished downloading this morning, I am now able to play.

Unsure what changed, but it seems to work.

Doesn’t change my opinion of the available support for the actual game, but the community here at Blizzard continues to be wonderful and helpful.

Thank you