Cold War patch notes

I like seeing the patch notes of games I buy, and it’s frustrating when cold war updates because the patch notes, when clicked, show the notes for march 8 2021.

It’s april 14, 2021, and several patches has come out, but those notes remain on march 8.

Searching seems to bring up patch notes for every day except what I want, even when putting the day battle net applies a new patch, nor can I find some sort of current patch notes page on for these little patches that pop up, like the one that happened today. (only 3rd party news when something is added in)

Is this something activision controls? (asking because as this is the battle net app, I’m thinking it falls under Bliz)

Anyone know where to find up-to-date patch notes? I don’t care if it just says:

Minor tweaks to operative nose hair

Tried several times to post this with it saying I had links in it.
Apparently putting a . between “B” and “net” to shorten battle net makes it think it’s a link, lol.