COLD WAR [BETA] is installed (however) . .

Greetings ~
~ I will place bullets to make things easier.

1 - have bought and pre-installed BO-CW [BETA]
2 - updated the graphics card (per recommendation) - NVIDIA here
3 - allowed access via the Firewall
4 - checked connections = all is good
5 - tried to play - however - when it starts, the loading screen - “rushes” - through to the main menu where I can see it
6 - when I get there, it doesn’t allow me to select (let alone) give me any time to see anything from it because it auto-starts to a - “BLACK SCREEN” - plays the music and that’s all, it doesn’t go any further, just remains black with the small logo animation on the lower right - “looping”
7 - restarted BO-CW several times and the same thing occurs
8 - tried starting BO-CW via the MW menu, the same thing occurs.

~ I realize that this is a BETA, so I expect some bugs, so I am hoping that if I wait for a period of time, this will resolve itself or be fixed.
~ I will update again, once I wait for a period of time and see what transpires. . . .

Yeah same thing happening to me as well. I uninstalled and reinstalled it no luck. I thought it was a driver issue but does seem to be with the game.

Hello there, Sakamoto!

I’m afraid you are, not the only one having this problem so fret not! The problem seems to be internal from the game itself. I’m having trouble with the same exact issue. As soon as my game starts I see the same exact things that you do in perfect synchronicity. Unfortunately, it seems as if we will not get our fair share of gameplay on this week of the beta. I’m hoping servers will be open for us next week.


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Greetings Clownspike ~

~ I appreciate the reply and I am relieved that I am not the only one experiencing this issue.

~ (I do agree with you) that after several attempts to get into some gameplay, that I cannot do so.
~ Unfortunate (yes), but, its something that’s out of our hands and capability, so there’s really no sense in getting angry over it and so (as you stated) we can just wait and hope that the official/final build of the game will not have this issue.

~ we shall find out once we cross that bridge. . .

~ AGAIN, thank you for your response, it is appreciated.

~ Respects!