Cold war beta call of duty

bought the game today i cant download the beta access or get to it. i log out and back in and it did nothing if i cant play it i want my money back

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did you figure it out after

Hey there,

What error do you get trying to load up the beta? Does the app also give you a past date off to the right of the button? If yes the most common fix has been to resync Windows time.

  1. Right-click the system click
  2. Select adjust date/time
  3. Slide the bars for time/timezone automation to the left, then back right
  4. Click “Sync Now”

Please ensure the app is closed fully before doing this. Using task manager to double check it’s fully closed would be ideal. Make sure to use the full expanded view of task manager vs the smaller one which may not display background processes.

Let us know how things go. Cheers!

Adjusting and/or syncing time does not do anything. This is the second post i have seen you post this. Obviously is not the issue.