COD MW3 Season 1 update 18/01/2024 fails. BLZBNTAFT00001389

COD MW3 Season 1 update 18/02/2024 fails to upload. "Whoops! Looks like something broke. You could try restarting More help: BLZBNTAGT00001389. I have restarted my computer multiple times. Turned firewalls off (even though COD is an approved app). I have run scan and repair. The failure of this update has left this product not usable and not fit for purpose. I am seeking a fix within a reasonable timeframe that does not require the game to be deleted and re-uploaded.


I’m having the same issues. In addition I uninstalled and now I can’t even reinstall…

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It is very frustrating that a known problem does not have a reasonable tutorial how to fix the changes foist upon us. I have had to change folder names (which is a very strange bug), delete the game and re-upload it (which took considerable time). I hope you can get your game to work.


if you find a fix please let me know having the same issues

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Don’t even waste the time deleting and re-downloaded. Just did that this morning and didn’t solve anything.

Same, small indy company…

Same issue here… game just closes…


Almost the same. Application starts running, and after “Loading player stats” screen it fails about 9 times out of 10 and sometimes it loads in to the menu screen the app exits automatically without any error.

Having the same issues as well…

Call of Duty requires a patch update, however once Update is initiated an error message pops up:

“An internal error occurred. Please wait a few moments and try again. If this error continues, try restarting”

I am unable to update or Scan and Repair due to the same issue. I have already followed the error troubleshooting steps with no success. has already been uninstalled and reinstalled as well with no success. Super annoying…

mine is doing the same thing on world of warcraft. constant lag and disconnects then says it has an update but gives error message something is broke

Make sure CoD is installed in the default location (C:\Program Files (x86)\Call of Duty). If it is installed in a different location move the game folder to "C:\Program Files (x86)" only AFTER completely closing down the app & Update Agent. I was using a backup drive to store my CoD data and the latest update seemed to break the path. I have since switched back to my main drive and updated the DEFAULT INSTALL DIRECTORY and this fixed my issue.

Nah this isn’t a pathing issue this is a microsoft let their tech’s at the bnet app and they broke everything like they do with windows.

It also doesn’t help when you contact tech support stating it’s a windows machine and they try to give you a mac fix.

At this point they have zero clue what they broke they just need to get it out of microsoft’s hands else it will never be fixed. I know i better get some free time on Wow i pay monthly for that and ain’t been able to touch it for over a week and way it’s looking might be able to play sometime next month.

Achei a solução, pra mim funcionou de uma certa maneira. Abrir a pasta, habilitar itens ocultos, apagar todos os itens da pasta, deixar apenas .PRODUCT e depois só abrir a novamente e atualizar o COD

Frustrating, no sooner than I get one problem solved then anew one, now this with no real help,