COD MW2 Hardcore(Tier1) is terrible/unplayable

For as long as I can remember, me and my buddies have teamed up and played COD Hardcore mode. Normal core where you had to shoot someone 65 times just didnt really work for us.

The new MW2 hardcore mode - called Tier 1 is a disgrace compared to every other COD ever released and has ruined the game for us. And to think we had to wait till now since launch just to play it (another stupid thing)

Its more like a realism mode where you get zero feedback on shots, no hit markers, who is enemy, or even whether you have killed someone.

As such its just appalling to play. We managed 2 games before deciding not to play it any more.

Each COD game so far we have easily invested over 100hrs per game, and this is the first one that literally made us give up playing… after just 2 rounds.

So thanks Activision/IW for totally ruining the game for us.

Call of Duty just isnt what it used to be.
So dissapointed.

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You are 10000000% correct sir