COD MW: Why don't you just let me install only campaign mode?

I pay for campaign mode not warzoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!


For everything outside of installation and patching of the CoD games, you want to post on Activision’s forums.

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His post was about game installation though so it is Installer/Launcher related.

Of course the answer is that the Launcher installs the software Activision gives Blizzard and it only has one version.

Not knowing anything about how CoD is setup, I suspected it was more a request for a feature: the ability to only install single player (due to it being a full install of all modes).

You are not wrong there. It is a two part answer.

  1. My answer about why the OP can only install the full version - which is relevant to this forum because it is about the launcher/installer.
  2. Your answer about where to go if he wants to suggest that Activision change the install packages they give to Blizzard.

Heh. How is it only Wed? Long week.