COD MW Faster Download fix!

Hello there!

For me and for other people in a german livestream this worked:

  1. klick on the gearwheel next to the download.
  2. Then go to installation & updates and type in 200kb/s
  3. type in 0kb/s for unlimited download

repeat step 2 and 3 till you get to around 4-8 mb/s. This isnt that fast but at least its many times faster then 100kb/s.

You should do that about 5-15 times. Then it should work. Note: This may not work for everyone.

in addition this may work for some gigabytes. I experienced the download speed to go from 8mb/s go down again to 100kb/s after 3-5GB. You just need to do the 3 Steps again in order to get this to work again!

Hope this helps. Have a nice day.


Didn’t work for me :sweat_smile:

Im sorry to hear that! You could try this some more, maybe you can get this to work… :thinking:

This does work, for anyone having issues with this check what your download speed is, example… my friend was downloading at 75kb/s he set step 2 to 50 kb/s waited a minute or 2 then changed to 0 after a few minutes and hes downloading at 20 mb/s now.

if you set it to 200 and the speed you are getting is less it wont work.


Actually working for me…

I did not reach my daily 25 mo/s, but it allows me to reach between 3 and 4 mo/s.

And if i don’t limit download speed at the start, it freeze the download speed indicator and just crash…

Dude, you’re a legend! - Much respect for this tip.

It’s just a shame the community has to come up with it’s own fixes - as the troubleshoot pages are incredibly unhelpful.

Once again, thanks a bunch!

Confirming that this is actually working!

I was downloading the game at 20 KB/s. Then I set the limit to 10 KB/s, and then I set it back to 0. Now I’m downloading at 11 MB/s, which is more like my normal level.

Thank you so much, OP!

THX. Its working now…I dont now why but its working.

well, I’m stuck at 2,8mb/s… not too bad but still slow. (Europe)
I could punch myself, already downloaded the season 3 update last night and spontaniously decided to buy MW… if I would have known that I need to download that first before I can play Warzone again, would have never did it.

why not open p2p agien like 5-7 years ago… ???
I have to slow dl speed, did’t read the agrement about slow speed, it is a servies we pay for… :smiley:

I after I wrote here is spped op to 36 mb/s

@Eromenos Whats the location your downloading from if I might ask?

+1 for P2P

.[quote=“froNt-21615, post:11, topic:5271, full:true”]
@Eromenos Whats the location your downloading from if I might ask?

+1 for P2P

it had been dowloading 200 kb for 3 houser

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Just bought Modern Warfare but instead of downloading just the update I decided to download the whole game. (180 Gig) Dunno why :rofl:

Got 300Mbps internet speed.

Got stuck @ very low speed so I did the trick, now we are @200 Mbps (20MB/s)

This worked for me! Thanks! (had 5-150KB/s download before, now 8MB/s).

But also it shows that it’s some horrible software error (if setting the speed down and up 15 times fixes it!) of the app and not at all problem with internet provider/internet demand or servers.

Thanks again.

Also obligatory fix your sh*t Blizzard please

Hey guys! I have a found a temporarily solution for the download speeds (european people). Try using a VPN and switch it to France. It seems to be working fine for me now and i am currently downloading from the netherlands. Hope this helps.!

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