COD MW Campaign Disc read error

Hi, I am having an error with starting the campaign. I am getting disc read error [5.0] “proxywar.ff”. I have read you need to download the game in one go. but this is simply not possible with my internet. I have already tried downloading it twice using 300 GB of my internet usage. multiplayer runs fine. I have tried removing files in the main directory, scanning and repair, running in default settings. I have more then required system build. how can I fix this?

I have read someone has been ignored already about this issue, 5 months ago. I hope I won’t get ignored. This is half the game. if I can’t play half the game am I going to get some compensation back, like half my money back?

Hey spook,

Our support for Call of Duty is limited to installation. If the game is crashing after installing, please contact Activision for help. If you would like to request a refund, you can do so by going through this page.