COD Kicked offline WTH?

So is there any reason why my buddy and me would have been kicked offline while we were IN THE MIDDLE of a COD match? We were booted and had to go to a queue to log back in on the app because of high traffic… I mean I would get it if in the initial log in we were put in a queue but dude we were in the middle of our 6th Domination match and just booted. I normally wouldn’t be that pissed but I had completed everything but my 2 wins in Domination for my daily. If the servers just went done I get that. That junk happens but if we were seriously booted so other players could join that is compete BS!!! Fix your crap Bliz…

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happened to me too, except i was in diablo

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same here. kicked me out during a warzone match in CoD and now i cant log back in. i’ll wait for the countdown to log in but when its done the app never loads. complete bs to be kicked out mid-game


This just happened to me also and when I get to 5 minutes left in the queue, the piece of crap closes and resets my wait time.

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Same here. I just finished a Battle Royale match but I was kicked and I’ve tried multiple times to get through the queue. It keeps having me wait only to not launch. Irritating.

Well that makes me feel better. Maybe it’s just the servers overloaded since a lot of people are at home during this virus outbreak. It just sucks since I gotta go to work tomorrow and will miss out on my progress for my daily. Have a good one guys.

Same here guys I was booted and I cannot get in anymore, when my countdown finishes the app just disappear and never come back I have to close it on the task manager and open it again just to see another countdown again and again.

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mine keeps saying connection to this is not there and kicks me out of a game! ive re set my internet and i know its not it wth!!