COD games not working! Absolutely

None of the games in the COD series work!!!.. Crash on startup…

  • Windows was reinstalled several times (15!) (on different disks!, from different flash drives via Media Creation Tool, created a USB flash drive via UltraISO…)
  • Reinstalled client (also on different drives)
  • Reinstalled all games.
  • Naturally, the drivers were reinstalled, due to the reinstallation of the OS (various old and not highly recommended stable versions)
  • Created different accounts
  • Specially purchased three anti-virus programs… Bitdefender Ultimate Security, Malwarebytes, Norton Internet Security… Nothing found when scanning in safe mode… (additionally scanned AdwCleaner, Dr.Web CureIt, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, ESET Online Scanner, Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool, Norton Power Eraser) System and drives are clean!!
  • Tested hard drives (no problems found)
  • Tested RAM (no problems found)
  • Shil BIOS of the motherboard…
  • Shil Bios video card…
  • Bought two new SSDs (SATA and NVME)
  • Everything that I found on the Internet on this topic, tips on editing the registry, by type TdrDelay, access rights, etc., everything has been tried …
    … I probably didn’t mention something … I fought with this problem for a month and a half, sorting through more and more new instructions for fixing the error from the Internet) … my hands have already dropped … =)
    I couldn’t fight anymore…

Diablo Immortal also crashes, but occasionally starts …

In general, you understand … I dug the truth under this problem for quite a long time …

PC configuration:

MB-Z390 Gigabyte
CPU - Intel Core i7 9700K (no overclocking)
RAM - Kingston 32Gb DDR4-2400 (16Gbx2)
VGA - Asus GTX1080 8Gb
PS - Fractal Design Ion Gold 750W
DISPLAY - 27" 144

/// [errors that occurred] ///

Error Code: 0x00007ff98896eb13 11846567 0xc0000005 nvwgf2umx.dll

Error Code: 0x00007ff94aaf8723 11846567 0xc0000005 nvwgf2umx.dll

Your GPU is incompatible. Driver update required. OpenCL interface not available.

Application “app” is blocked from accessing graphics hardware.

etc. I don’t remember everything…

When the hands finally dropped…
I recorded a USB flash drive with Windows 10 (not limited to anything … I installed all the drivers tightened windows on the machine) … and …
And all the problems, mistakes, and so on, as if removed by hand !!! :open_mouth: :tada: :balloon: :tanabata_tree: :confetti_ball:

You can not thank … :sunglasses: