I don’t get it, my game has been in C/program files (x86) since I first downloaded the game and this problem is brand new without any tampering of file locations… It’s been happening for months now. A few streamers have had the same issue and I was advised to launch through file explorer which only works some times. Problem after problem it’s so frustrating.

Just to follow up but I was able to launch the game from the program files and run as admin with no problems. This is something the game developer really needs to fix after the last update…

I tried everything to get this fixed and still have this recurring issue on PC Whenever I try to play warzone. Frankly, its very annoying whenever I launch the game, since I have to go the game directory folder whenever I need to play COD warzone. This issue happened after the last update took effect, and i never had this issue before the latest update.

But whenever I play Vanguard multiplayer Battlenet seems to launch the game ok. Just whenever I need to play Warzone, it gives me this error " BLZBNTBNA00000012".

PS: I did already scan and repair and it detected no errors. I uninstalled the game, no dice. Also, my game is up to date and i checked if Battlenet launches the game in the right directory folder.

How can I fix this, because its really annoying every time I start the game.

UPDATE from 2022:

GUYSS it finally worked !!! After reading the comments below ( Thank you everyone for help) it finally worked and its very simple :


  1. go to options ( the little gear box next to play) (make sure you are in Warzone tab**)
  2. click ( " Show Explorer") > this should take you to the “Call of Duty Modern Warfare”
  3. Just drag out that whole folder to your desktop ( while keeping the folder open)
  4. Then drag the “Call of Duty Modern Warfare” back inside folder ( same previous folder)
  5. Click “Play” THEN BAM it works !! ENJOY YALL and HAPPY HUNTING !!!

I would like thank all of the people who help me fix this issue in the comments. Literally almost a whole year with this problem



Same here, so what do we do now?

Same problem. After last update still this problem. Vanguard still ok, just warzone with this issue. No starting. After 2 sec. give me this mistake BLZBNTBNA00000012

Same problem but there is a workaround which works most of the time. Click the gears, Show in Explorer, Open CoD Modern Warfare folder, scroll to ModernWarefare application (NOT Launcher), right click, run as administrator. Works about 80% of the time. The other 20% of the time it launches and produces another error.

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same for me. get the error when trying to boot through, go to the folder and launch the app through there (as admin) and it’ll last maybe 60-90 seconds before closing… no error, no warning, no anything … definitely a blizzard issue they’re not owning up to

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I’ve been having the same problem for over a month, and I’m not finding anything that can help with it. The game is a joke with us.
until when will they leave us in a vacuum

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Didn’t work for me either. I have had this issue for about a month now.

might be time to look into class actions if they are just going to ignore us we paid for a product and they are not delivering any aspect of whats been purchased

are you guys planning to fix this anytime this year?

U guys got same issue like alot of us that u get the message content get loaded at the front desktop app page?.

This fixed it for me:

  • Rename Modern Warfare (Warzone) folder
  • Close
  • Download App from here: App – Blizzard Entertainment
  • Install it again (do not uninstall, just let it update)
  • Once finished, it will open up
  • Relocate the game, let it update
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This is the code i am receiving when i try to start Warzone. Yesterday i played it just fine. Today tried to get on and it keeps giving me this code. I have scanned and repaired the game multiple times. I have also tried deleting Warzone completely off my pc and reinstalled it and it still gives me this code. Help


have been having this same issue for a couple of months now… I have tried uninstalling/re-installing many times, even and no fix. scanning files doesn’t work either. Any help appreciated

i am having the same code an issue

estoy tal cual en la misma situacion donde podremos encontrar ayuda???

Same issue. CodMW won’t run after repair or reinstall. Same code.

Have the same issue, but can play warzone when I open the ModernWarfare application in Program files(x86)->Call of Duty Modern Warfare->ModernWarfare. Hopefully this helps.

ayuda de un momento a otro tengo el mismo error, eh echo de todo y creo q ya nada funciona :sob: