See here:
Go to the website support_activision_com/call-of-duty-warzone/articles/known-issues-in-warzone.

underscor must be an point.

If this doesn’t work, try to start as administrator. Good luck

Where the game is installed it cant contain Downloads, Desktop, Windows or Temp directory.
Move or install the whole game into the C:\CoD\ or D:\CoD\ or whatever your disc name is. Just directly to disc directory.
Next, when you install game go to D:\CoD\Call of Duty Modern Warfare\Data\data or C:\CoD\Call of Duty Modern Warfare\Data\data and look only for files that are 0kb or 1kb in size. And delete them. Than launch as Administrator. If it cant find game automaticly, click search for games ( it is under huge blue button on the left down). And start game, it should work.
So your directory where the game is instaled should be: (your disc name “c”, “d”):\CoD\Call of Duty Modern Warfare…
Just avoid desktop directory. You dont need shortcut of the game on desktop. Only shortcut. When starting the launch as Admin.


y is this still a problem mine still dont work i didnt get to play the new map when will this be fix plz help

Si, me funciono. THANK YOU

I worked, thank you so much!!! I just moved the game to the same drive, but as you said it’s now in D:\Call Of Duty Warzone. It launched the game no problem from Thanks again!

Resolved? or is this still a pending item?

Salut pour ma part j’ai juste enregistrer mon numéros de téléphone sur blizzard et sa a marcher , j’espère que sa marchera pour vous aussi

The Real MVP! Been dealing with this issue for a month! thank you!

I had to go buy a new ssd drive…(C) because my old one was to small…so i bought a new onw with 1 TB on it an instlled all my COD games on it drive “C” an the game fires right up…just make sure the game is on 1 drive an 1 drive only…

Great company breaking our games through an update then refusing to help the playerbase… maybe you should ditch the launcher and go back to stand alone games then if you cant fix what you break…

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Hey guys,

Had this error code for over a month now and tried every youtube vid and forum suggestion to fix it but nothing worked. Saw a guy comment in one of the forums today about a different solution-- thanks a lot to whoever this was!

Modern warfare installation needs be directly moved to Windows (C:).

Mine was in downloads within Windows (C:), when i moved it out of downloads the game launched.

Hope this works for some of you.


I just let windows pick were it wants it to go an it went to C/program files (x86) an you should be good to go

Trying to understand your solution because that is where my file exists

omg this should be pinned because u just fixed my game thank you very much

I don’t get it, my game has been in C/program files (x86) since I first downloaded the game and this problem is brand new without any tampering of file locations… It’s been happening for months now. A few streamers have had the same issue and I was advised to launch through file explorer which only works some times. Problem after problem it’s so frustrating.

Just to follow up but I was able to launch the game from the program files and run as admin with no problems. This is something the game developer really needs to fix after the last update…

I tried everything to get this fixed and still have this recurring issue on PC Whenever I try to play warzone. Frankly, its very annoying whenever I launch the game, since I have to go the game directory folder whenever I need to play COD warzone. This issue happened after the last update took effect, and i never had this issue before the latest update.

But whenever I play Vanguard multiplayer Battlenet seems to launch the game ok. Just whenever I need to play Warzone, it gives me this error " BLZBNTBNA00000012".

PS: I did already scan and repair and it detected no errors. I uninstalled the game, no dice. Also, my game is up to date and i checked if Battlenet launches the game in the right directory folder.

How can I fix this, because its really annoying every time I start the game.


Same here, so what do we do now?

Same problem. After last update still this problem. Vanguard still ok, just warzone with this issue. No starting. After 2 sec. give me this mistake BLZBNTBNA00000012

Same problem but there is a workaround which works most of the time. Click the gears, Show in Explorer, Open CoD Modern Warfare folder, scroll to ModernWarefare application (NOT Launcher), right click, run as administrator. Works about 80% of the time. The other 20% of the time it launches and produces another error.

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