Clvl 87 WW Barbarian


My latest character is a hc sp self-found whirlwind barbarian leveled completely using the /players 8 feature. At clvl 87 I’ve yet to move on to act 2. I leveled to clvl 83 in nm doing about 30 cbaal runs. At this time I’m flying through all of hell act 1 getting sweet experience and loot. In one game a Vex and Ohm dropped, each from regular monsters. My armour is a Sharktooth Smoke with less than 500 def (shout and Iron shin each only have 1) and my weapon is just an upped Steeldriver with a Shael in it. All my other gear is just as insignificant. I playing on an old Macbook Pro between 4 am and 6 am every morning at the kitchen table.

-no mods or loser editors.

Updates on personal news for my stalkers and the creepers.

The new business is up and running and will be turning a profit by the end of the year. Being an entrepreneur is addictive people some of you should try it.

Also, I’m looking forward to a remaster announcement, and will likely return to the game online when it is released. I might even start streaming the game and make a new YouTube tutorial channel when it does release. I’m sure some of you will love that, one way or another. :grin:


This game is hella-fun. While playing, you meet intersting people from all over the world. Through this game, Blizzard created one of the original handful of online games which opened us up to an international community of gamers.


You also meet a lot of parasites and psychic vampires that just take, take, take.


You are right. At the very least, these useless categories of gamers are easily ignored. Thank goodness.


You’re right, too. :vulcan_salute:


Question, did it take you all season to reach this level?
Most of us can do this in one sitting…

Also, I am quite uncertain about why you wouldn’t use plugy, since it’s literally nothing different from, except “Infinite” and shareable Storage, which is Imo, very very very much of a QoL on D2.


This makes you look as though you suffer cognitive problems, but we know you’re just trolling because you know it’s a single player character and you know I don’t use or promote illegal mods like you do.

Also, there is no one who can level a self-found /players 8 hc ww barbarian as high as I can. Everyone needs to cheat, like you always promote.


#1 barb, of course.

1 character required


I’m always the #1 barbarian across all ladders, and every ladder for the last 6 years, and I don’t use jsp, nor bots to do. No one can make that claim but me.


Can you give me a few pointers? I’m new to the forums, and play single player, though I have not played a Barb


#1 barb in what way, server, and core? PVM? What build you usually go?


Lets play this weekend if you want to make a barb. I’ve been wanting to do a run thru lately!


You should consider joining one or more of the Discords listed on this forum. I’m sure a weekend iron man run or two can be found there.

You’re new to the forum, you ask me for pointers, and like a comment that was trolling me in another thread?

I love these new forums!