Clothes cannot be changed

Since the last patch, I can no longer change the clothing of my sorceress on Segithis. It just stays the default skin, no matter what I choose.
This only affects the clothing, I can change the weapons.
It’s damn annoying!

What’s annoying is how often this has been reported as a bug when it’s not. I’ve posted in lots of threads about this, showing (with screenshots) why it’s not a bug. I’ve been posting that advice since as far back as July and yet new threads continue to be posted about it.

If you have cosmetic armour / weapon equipped, but you’re not seeing the appearances of them on your hero, confirm they’re marked as enabled. Screenshots to demonstrate…

Enabled has a small icon at bottom right showing an open eye

Disabled has a small icon at bottom right showing a closed eye

Click on the eye to open / close it.