Cloth Hats (including new 10.2 mage tier) with visible HAIR

Hello there! Its been so much since helms and hats cover the entire characters hair texture once you use them. Some of the new items such has Verdant Gladiator’s Silk Hat (pvp mage tier set) and Granny’s Old Hat (trading post) would maximize its purpose if maybe through out barber options players could choose between showing hair textures under hat (so no need to transmog to hide appereance) and cover all of it (just like now). I believe this little but important feature could make happy to a lot of people in the WOW community, regardless any gender. Hope so Blizzard and WoW animated customer or designator could see this to support the advice. Thanks for all the hard work these many years! Cya :slight_smile:


You’re posting in the wrong forum; this forum is for feedback on the Support Site such as forums, Knowledge Base, ticket systems.

For feedback on a game, use that game’s forums.

See this Support article:

Thasnks for letting me know. See you around.