Classic Team Will give your account away

On 7/31 I was unable to access my diablo 2 LOD account. My password had been changed. I requested a new diablo 2 password for my registered email, I never received an email. I submitted a ticket and within 24 hours got an email that i needed to use the live chat support, which is only open 2 hours a day during the week. 7/31 is a friday so I had to wait for 3 days. When I contact blizzard they insisted that my email had been compromised or that my computer had been compromised. I knew that neither of these were true and for the next 11 days I bugged blizzard until one game master properly looked into what happened. A exploiter known on forums as [Edited by Blizzard] had contacted blizzard impersonating me, said my diablo 2 accounts and he knew my email name so he said he forgot his diablo passwords and didnt have access to my email… which he pretended was his so blizzard rep reset the email to what he wanted allowing him to reset my passwords and steal my stuff. Per the blizzard rep, Their policy would require a d2 cd key for him to get the email changed, but the blizzard rep ignored policy costing me items. This has been happening since the beginning of this year i even made a topic about it, many people have lost their whole accounts due to this exploit, using support team to take other peoples hard earned stuff. Blizzard rep have refused to give me the items that were taken from me back or replace them with different ones. they simply offered 20 dollar blizzard games that i already own, while its a nice gesture, doesnt make up for the blizzard reps mistake giving all my stuff away. I really would like my items or some of equal value please. Everyone else. To help avoid this happening to you, make sure you use a unqiue email registered to your diablo account so it doesnt happen to you. Also make sure you have double authenticator on your bnet account because he tried getting them to let him access my bnet account to which would give him the cd keys which are needed to continue to get access to yours accounts. This is for awareness for others as well as call to blizzard reps to fix this, stop letting this happen, and help those affected.
here blizzard admits to giving my stuff away

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Yep, the same thing happened to me. I reached out and spoke to several game masters who were unable to help me. They even said they didn’t know why my account email was not working or why my new password wasn’t being reset. Total joke that blizzard staff doesn’t follow basic risk assessment protocols. Thanks to them being lazy some douche was able to obtain everyone’s stuff and ruin the game just like botting has.

yep thats what they said to me for the first 11 days until one of their reps actually looked at it and saw that a previous game master had reset it giving away my account… it sucks when the ones were are supposed to safeguard your account are being using to give them away…

This has been happening way too often as stated above by Kevin.
Something must be done. It would be nice if Blizzard could reimburse items…I’m sure they can as I have experienced similar misfortunes on World of Warcraft and was gifted back from Blizzard exactly what was lost.
Please realize that this is a 20 year old game, and its community is full of DIE-HARD fans, most of which have spent 20 years of their life dedicated to this game. For that kind of loyalty Blizzard should take more care of this game, and its community.

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Oh that sucks getting your account stolen but as for the items. the players don’t “own” anything on b net blizzard “owns” everything on b net that’s why they’re not gonna give you anything because those items don’t belong to you they belong to blizzard you kids really need to read the b net EULA And D2 and wow are not the same wow is pay to play d2 is not and blame all the jsp/botn cheaters for killing d2

Already read it :slight_smile: everything does belong to blizzard, but thats the same across all their platforms, which they have replaced items in other games such as wow, so this is no different. And maybe you should do some reading as i said my account wasn’t stolen, blizzard gave it away. Had blizzard followed their own policy the imposter would hsve never been able to access my account

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Sounds like a perfect storm of misfortune… With that much value of items, it sounds to me like a clan member or “friend” was watering at the mouth to get at your goods. Whoever it was knew your accounts and email address, Blizzard dropped the ball and they ran off with all of your stuff.

I’ve been burned a few times before, nothing of that extent. That’s why I trust no one in Diablo 2. I now assume that everyone in the game is out to screw me over, unless of course I know the person in life, more importantly their address so I can put a few new dents in my bat if they try and steal from me. :rofl:

I’d say take the free game option, because that’s all they’re going to do for you.

So sorry to hear this OP! I hope you can restart and build your account once again…

Thanks my friend, i hope blizzard does right and fixes their mistake :frowning:

If this is true that Blizzard did not follow protocol regarding account access, that is a big deal. Someone had to have a lot of information about you to pull this off though, so you should indeed be thinking about who had your email address and details - enough to fake it to them. Housemate, former room mate, friends, etc.

That really sucks now matter how it happened.

On to the items part - only WoW has item restorations for compromises. They have a running log of second by second activity in that game that lets a GM reconstruct what happened to the account, remove any ill gotten gains, unauthorized server transfers, sold gold, etc.

D2, D3, etc don’t have the same type of logging so there is nothing they can do to “restore” your account items. It is not them being mean, it is that they legit can’t prove you had them with game logs.

Please keep in mind that if you don’t log in to your D2 chars every 90 days they are marked as inactive and removed during the next maintenance sweep. All mine are gone too, even though I knew about the restriction. I simply forgot.

For everyone else - keep in mind that the Classic games are not on the updated Bnet account launcher and are not protected by the Authenticator. You have to use good old fashioned security methods - malware sweep, avoid fishy sites, change password to one you use nowhere else, use two factor auth on your email if available (gmail has it), etc. Try to use an email for Blizzard games you don’t use for anything else.

all they needed was email and d2 account name, the account name can be seen by anyone in game and email can easily be gotten other forums used for trading. That alone shouldn’t have been enough as stated by the game master they require a CD key used to make the account to reset the email and that game master DID NOT follow their own policy, so it really shouldn’t come down to I should have done more to protect my account as it was reset without adequate information according to blizzard own policy. As far as items go there used to be a tool they had to roll back individual accounts to which the reps also admitted existed, however now they might not know where the items are and if they roll back just me, there will be two copies of my items and wherever my original items are will have the same ID and if they ever are on the same server the anti-dupe method will delete one of them, I could prove I have some items with screen shots and they could simply make new ones, or track the ones down some how since they have certain ID’s, I don’t know the logistics of it since I’m not a developer but i know the items have id codes that can be tracked, that’s how dupes get deleted. The Gamemasters admitted it shouldn’t have happened and that was a game master mistake, so that is why I simply would request my items back or new ones that blizzard makes for me since this was their game masters mistake.

It may be their mistake. I don’t work there and can’t see your discussion with them.

When it comes to items though they have to go by what the logs say and in the case of D2, there are not the kinds of logs that WoW has. Therefore they do not do item restorations for Diablo 2 or Diablo 3, which also does not have those logs.

Could they escalate it to a specialist and create items for you out of thin air that they can’t prove you had? Well…they could. They won’t though because creating items for players, without proof on Blizzard’s side, would be widely exploited by unethical people.

You might be totally honest, would not edit screen shots, would not falsify a compromise etc. Sadly others who do scam and cheat well meaning support providers make it so others can’t have nice things.

I am very sorry that you lost items that likely took a long time to get. I wish I could give you better news on that but I can’t.

On the account access issue though - you said they failed to follow policy by asking for the valid game key connected to the account before changing the email. When you complete a support ticket in the system, it should send a survey to you. Complete the survey and explain that policy was not followed and it resulted in unauthorized account access. That goes to their supervisor. Even if it does not FIX the issue with items, it should ensure the person who worked the ticket gets updated training so it does not happen to others.

Edit - and if they gave you Blizzbalance for another copy of D2 then that might be all they can do for you :frowning: It lets you get the game again for no cost, but the loss of everything would still hurt.

Still waiting classic team

You are not getting your items back. Yes, they screwed up with your account access. They admitted that and they gave you some monetary compensation you said. However they do not have the logs to back up what happened to your items, to show what you had, etc. They do not offer any sort of gear restoration for D2 or D3 for that reason. You can wait forever - they can’t and won’t change that.

No, that is not cool and does not feel good. That is how it works though so it is best to temper your expectations to reality.

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Not only is it possible with D2 accounts, they have restored accounts multiple times over the years. If they had not taken down the old Classic forums, I’d show you.

Welcome, by the way, you’re a long ways from home and you, like all other greens, are many many years absent in the D2 forums.


Those forums were long ago, and Diablo 2 has changed server side a bit since then. In any case, it’s company policy.

This forum is a little more than a year old and the last publicly restored accounts were about 3 years ago, so no, not long ago.

Exactly, classic team didnt follow their own policy and now wont fix their mistake… we know they can fix…

Can you really call one guy whose part time janitor a « team » ?

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They actually have alot of team members in different locations that deal with support tickets, its justa. Shame they dont follow their own policies and have yet to fix their mistakes…