Classic TBC question

I have 3 questions: first, On my login, I have multiple accounts all tied to the same log in, all with their own subscription to the game, I just choose in the drop down which account, ( wow2 or wow3 or wow4) will each of these be able to buy their own classic level boost?

Second, with the character copy, Let’s say I choose to stay in the classic era server and It takes me 4 months after the release of TBC on my hunter until I get everything I want from Naxx, I play until I get my full set of gear and weapons, can I then choose to buy the character copy and move forward then?

Lastly: more of a statement or a beggars plea, please add in a micro transaction for faction changed, I’ve been a blood elf my whole WoW life, I only went to the alliance in classic so I could stay an elf, I miss the horde

Hi there Srmatrong!

Blizzard has a lot of forums and it is easy to get turned around. This particular forum is for Tech Support help installing older games like WC2, Diablo 2, etc.

Blizzard World of Warcraft games have their own forums which includes forums for WoW Classic - and for General WoW customer support. CS forums serves as an information desk about purchases, ticket system, policies, etc.

Question 1 about purchases is best for the CS forum.

Question 2 about the policy on character moves you can also ask there, but I don’t know if the Devs have clarified or not so don’t know if they have an answer.

Question 3 is a Suggestion. Suggestions need to be put in the Discussion forums which in this case would be Classic WoW General Discussion.

Here is the full WoW forum index for future reference :slight_smile: You may also want to check out the Blizzcon videos, Q&As, and streamer interviews to see if any of them uncovered info related to your questions or concerns.

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