Classic D2- shafted

YEARS-- ago–before WOW was released I played D2, D2 Expansion ( with Baal). I pretty much lived in D2 until WOW was released. My son is playing the new version of D2–but I have not gotten it yet.

Recently I decided to just play regular D2-only to be stopped short in my tracks for not having the CD key code from a disc that I lost 2 decades ago because Blizzard Desktop used allowed me to store and play ‘ALL’ of my games and now I feel that I have been shafted ( given Blizzard’s reputation right now-I really can not say that I am surprised). But seriously Is there no way for me to enjoy the old classic? Or maybe Blizzard can just let me have the new version for ‘free’ ( fat chance)–since I can not play the game now…well, how about just a refund for game face value…

Thank you for your time.!