Classic temp restriction policies are hurting innocent players

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Since the announcement of D4 alot of people have tried to come back and play D2. Alot of these people have played this game one way or another for years since its release. These people are now returning after years of having moved on inspired by nostalgia and D4 hype. However, unbeknownst to them classic is being held hostage by out of date and draconian policies set in place to fight a war against botters that Blizzard has lost. The war against D2 botters is over, the botters have won. You people couldnt get it under control when the game was in its hayday… and now in its twilight with people returning to have one last go they are finding themselves slapped with unwarranted timed bans.

Blizzard, you are hurting innocent players! You are ruining peoples day! You are wasting peoples time! Yet these policies still remain in place causing innocent players who have never used bots or cheats in their life to get banned for weeks to months at a time. Innocent players can get 14 to 30 day bans for things like- creating new characters, creating new games and doing runs, connecting with a vpn, and even just having a vpn! If D2s embedded anti cheat detects a vpn software and youre not even connected with it you can get a ban (this is what happened to me). I tried to appeal the ban and customer support threatened me with action against my account.

The only way this terrible treatment of the Diablo 2 playerbase is going to stop is if we as a playerbase tell Blizzard this is unacceptable and we will not let them treat us like this. I tried talking to them privately through their support channels and all they did was condescend and threaten me. The last thing they said to me was “if you appeal this ticket further we could take action against your bnet account” … well you know what i say to that?

Go for it. Steam is better anyway. Path of Exile anyone?


Poe is trash if b net is not working go play single player blizzard has no power over blizzard north games thay never have and never will rip blizzard north

Agree, remove this idiotic restrictions who makes no sense at all, i myself got 20 days temp ban, becouse its not reset after i got it 4 month ago, NOT EVEN 3 DAYS BAN, but instantly 20 days again, what you archieve this way? you just losing players, im playing game completly normal, and i literaly saw no one who agree with this restrictions, only complains about it

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If I had to guess, the restrictions help server stability. Other than that… shrug


It’s absolutely bad business that Blizzard doesn’t have a notification at the joining Bnet window that says connecting with VPN’s, Proxies and Business ISPs will get you restricted for up to a month.

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Restrictions are for server stability, not controlling bots.


Not sure what people’s problems are. I’ve literally never gotten any kind of restriction. Just play the game, stop doing “runs”, and you’ll be fine.


You must be new… “runs” are literally one of the biggest aspects of the game both to level characters and magic find for gear.
The fact that Blizz has limited this takes a huge enjoyment factor away from the game, making you play slower, mule slower, watch a timer clock and limit games per hour.

Meanwhile bots can be programmed to avoid all this, therefore they are only hurting the legit customer base.

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Following these rules, I’ve never had any trouble with temporary restrictions:

  • Keep it at or below 20 new games/hour.
  • Wait at least 20 seconds in game with your character (switching characters during muling)
  • Wait at least 5 seconds between each screen when switching characters and creating new games.
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After coming back to the game I’m having this issue even trying to connect to BattleNet … just pressing the button “connect” results in a long term ban. And they aren’t elaborating why… So while these rules might be simple, they do not apply to all cases.

@AtomicPunk, What do they understand by Business ISPs?

Aside from coming to this forum and finding these rules buried in a pinned thread how the heck is anyone supposed to know that this is the proper, expected behavior? Its typically only after an unknowing player finds themself unable to connect to that they might eventually find their way to these forums just to be told they are being punished for made up offenses.

And what about people whose ISPs smell funny to battle.nets automation? Or someone who prefers to connect to the internet through a VPN? Since when was it okay to discriminate and decide who gets to play on bnet and who gets to QQ on the tech support forums?

Server stability? Give me a break. There is nothing stable about slapping people with bans and ruining peoples fun because of these asinine policies. If someone wants to play online they should be able too. If there is an issue with their connections that information needs to be presented up front in a manner where the customer has the opportunity to correct the situation and then reconnect to There is no reason to hand out 14 and 30 day bans because of discriminatory connection type preferences in the name of “server stability”. How about Blizzard recognizes the popularity of their old intellectual properties and invest a little capital into upgrading the potatoes they run classic bnet on instead of discriminating against their playerbase and picking and choosing who gets to play and who gets to go… well, ya know.

The long term restrictions for VPN use was a blanket measure put in place to quell the chat spam problem and a portion of the botting problem.

This is a 20 year old game, you can’t honestly expect triple-A game title level support… Back when this game was in its heyday, a large majority of players were still using dial-up internet… There was no such thing as a VPN back then.

Server stability? Of course they’re going to implement measures to keep the server stable… Do you honestly think they’re going to keep upgrading the classic bnet server capacity? Of course not! They’re going to run the servers with a capacity that is sufficient to run the loads that are expected. Lets be realistic here, 3 minutes average per game is enough. If you’re running one area/boss and take less than 3 minutes, consider adding another area to your run to make it 3 minutes or longer… Easy fix.

I for one am thankful that they’re continuing to run the bnet servers for us to play on at all…


I would completly aggree with this punishment if it has any warning or notifications to prevent you accidently get restricted, try drive car without knowing anything first time, this is what new player feels in Diablo 2, he knows nothing at all

Ah yes the “the problem never happened to me therefore the problem doesn’t exist” nonargument


I’m innocent and haven’t been restricted in so long I can’t remember. The thing is, a lot of bot users and bot appologists come here asking for leniancy in the name of legits, but are temp banned because they abuse our servers. Logging in and out of games fast, filling up game rooms on bnet, and doing crazyness is ruining the experience for others. It causes slower load times, poor quality game servers, disconnects, and lag. Stop doing 2 minute baal runs or botting and think about ohter players. Stop spamming the login to xfer all your botted loot and think about the guy who just wants to open a game and slap some demons around.

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Well said.
I hope that you continue posting ideas and threads on how to improve the overall playing experience of bnet D2/LOD players.


So exactly the same happened to me. I didn’t even CONNECT to Bnet; from the moment I purchased the game again (D2 and LOD) I was banned.

This was the answer I received from support:
" I’m sorry to say it looks like your IP has been banned from connecting to our services, which is why you aren’t able to log in. We aren’t provided any specific reasons for this restriction, but you can read about the likely causes in the support article here. As it says there, sadly we cannot remove these restrictions, and the current one will expire on 03/01/20, but if you try the steps in the article, it may help."

“Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful to you there, but it’s a pretty old game, so there’s not a whole lot we can do”


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This thread isnt a bot apologist thread at all. And I’m not a botter nor use any 3rd party software when playing Diablo 2. This thread is in defense of myself and many others who have received unwarranted bans due to discriminatory connection policies and hidden gameplay behavior restrictions. My whole problem is that none of these policies are spelled out to the customer and players find their day ruined by these bans when all they want to do is play a game from their past that they love. The customer is not given the chance to remediate the issue at all they are just banned for weeks and months at a time and most players never know the reason. These policies are not spelled out anywhere in the ToS or connection screen. It’s sad to see so many selfish responses to this issue. For one, these bans arent stopping bots… and who cares about server stability if some people cant play at all. Also as a customer we have the right to demand better from Blizzard not just be okay with the service as is because it’s an old game. You are offering a service, Blizzard. Now step up and treat your customers better.

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They could just easily stop offering the service and not have to deal with it all. Thankfully they have not yet.

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