Class Change Bug - Character in Empty World

I just did a Diablo immortal Class Change. The Entire game world is empty. No NPC or people or clickable objects. My character is stuck in limbo. I restarted, cleared cache, repaired game files, nothing works. I have game chat, I can communicate with Clan members. I can be added to a party, but when we try to teleport to each others phases… the game is void for me. My team members can see me on the minimap and Vice versa but I am invisible to them, says I am close, but I am alone. I feel like for some reason server might not be sending me game information?? Please Help me out.

Same problem. Anyone have a solution

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I submitted a ton of technia info to blizzard and got automated responses that did not help.

I wound up restarting router and pc. Cleared cache. Repaired game through launcher and ingame loading screen. None of which did anything. So imho it was an issue on blizz server side.

So I said let me try to change regions and servers and roll a new character and delete it. I went back to original character with the issue and it was still bugged out.

So I created a second character on the server and logged in. Everything worked fine on the alternate character. So I logged out and went back online with the bugged character and the issue was fixed. So its definitely a bugged server issue on blizz end. So I recommend creating a 2nd character and logging in and out of that. And then retry original bugged character. Hopefully it works for you. It worked for me. Best of luck