Class Change AutoAttack Sader Bug

I swapped classes from necromancer to crusader last night, bought some orbs and went rifting. All was well until i got to the boss spawn (which was Igonicus) and then none of my regular attacks would hit. My attacks from Draw and Quarter would not hit either. I was able to finish the rift with other skills though. I figured it was just a little bug that would go away by restarting as some are. That did not work. I then realized that my sacred fire attack icon was actually the icon from when you use draw and quarter. So i used the skill thinking it would go back to normal when the skill ended. Still nothing. I then tried to go farming anyways and realized that even though it was permanently the draw and quarter attack icon, the melee attacks from horseback did not hit either. I swapped essences, changed skills, changed armor, even used the stuck button in the settings menu. I logged in on my ipad and it was the same still. Since the response time was at least 24 hours in my submitted ticket i built around it. Using skills that sort of allowed me to play for the night so not to fall behind my peers that much. I have a couple of photos and a short video of this if they are needed. Let me reiterate that i tried restarting the client numerous times before i played with the handicap for the night. However when i logged in the next day, everything was back to normal. It is still normal now, i missed out on some activities i would have been able to do due to this and am a little bummed by that, at least its fine now but it hindered my progression.

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