Clarify? /data/wow/connected-realm/{connectedRealmId}/auctions

I’m trying to learn about using the api. This page has some good examples except for the ah request.

/data/wow/connected-realm/{connectedRealmId}/auctions always returns 404 error and all the other ones seem to work. Can anyone clarify what needs to be different for this request?


what realmId did you used?

I tried the default 1146 and I also tried 1325.


This is the issue. 1146 and 1325 are not realmid.

You can use this endpoint to request all realmids: /data/wow/connected-realm/index.

And if you would like to know the information about the realm, like name, you can use this endpoint: /data/wow/connected-realm/{realm-id}?namespace=dynamic-us

For example the id 60 is for Stormrage.

Thank you kindly for the help.