Clarification on temp. ban

Hello Blizzard support team,

Yesterday I submitted a support ticket regarding, what I assumed, was a temporary ban. I figured it was a ban as I had my VPN on accidentally when I first tried logging in to (I only bought D2 and LOD a few days ago), and after searching the forums, it seemed rather obvious what had happened. The support from blizzard was super quick, and they were able to confirm a temporary restriction, but I wasn’t given a duration, only that it could be up to two weeks.

Anyway, I’m not trying to argue the ban, or rant against blizzard, but I am hoping for a bit more clarification. I understand, for whatever reason, that I will not be given the exact reason or duration of the ban, and that I have been told to try again in two weeks. My big question is, does this type of ban get extended with each failed login attempt? Does this ban get reset back to two weeks with every failed login? didn’t explicitly say I was banned, I was just going through the whole “Checking versions…” time out, so I just kept trying to login, in every realm. It was only after searching the forums that I realized I may have been banned due to VPN usage. Now that my ban has been confirmed by blizzard, I’m worried that all those repeated logins have extended my ban. If I could get some clarification on whether or not that is possible, I would really appreciate it!
Thanks for the help,

This post will develop an eMold before it’ll get a response from blizzard.

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To reiterate my original post for this thread:

  • I was temp banned (likely because of having a VPN in the background).
  • I didn’t know I was banned at the time so I kept trying to login, multiple times, to all the realms.
  • Is there a cap for how long the ban can be? Has my multiple logins created a ban longer than 2 weeks?
  • If I try logging in everyday, to see if this ban is over, will that reset my ban back to two weeks if it’s not over yet? Will it continue to extend the ban?

Blizzard, could you please reply, I’m just asking for a little info here,

I got a temp ban as soon as I downloaded the game and started it up. I submitted a ticket, but their response was the generic link to a list of reasons why I may have been banned. Obviously, none of those criteria matched my issue, but they said they wouldn’t remove the restrictions.

I asked for a refund, as I just purchased the keys this morning, but have yet to recieve a response.

It really does look like the rumors of inadequacy are true here. They don’t care and don’t want to help you. They just want to sit in their offices (or homes, right now) and collect that paycheck. I am thouroughly disappointed in my experience.

While there are rumors that attempting to log in during the temporary restriction could lengthen or otherwise reset the time, I think it’s dependent on the situation… If you try logging in without an active VPN during a restriction, one would think that this would not reset the duration… However if you try logging in with an active VPN during a restriction, it may trigger a reset of the two week restriction.

You can try posting in the Classic Games Tech Support forum for a better chance of catching a forum mods attention, as they rarely view or post in the general discussion forums.

For sure, that’s what I kind of figured, but I was hoping for some solid confirmation. Thanks for the advice about posting to the other forum.

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They have updated their servers to ban people who use maphack/bots/3rd party programs. They are currently testing a remaster at Blizzard.

Forgive me, but we currently live in a world full of disinformation. Can you please cite sources to confirm your statements? Otherwise it’s just a bunch of hibbity bibbity jibbity squibbity to me.

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I too would like such information, and so second TDJ request.

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I was faced with a two week ban following logging in one night with my vpn left on… I have no idea this wasn’t even allowed. Anyways, I was able to get back online by hard resetting my modem. When I did that, I got a new ip address from my isp, which resolved my issue.