Clan [vA] Looking for old members

After getting back on d2 seeing a few old players that I knew, just curious to see if anyone remembers LordRaven SaL MusTR Feanor AntiAol and a few others that i am trying to remember. Haven’t been on old school bnet since 2005-2006 was trying to get contacts threw aim but forgot password and was discontinued. My account was PwNeD[vA] . If not disregard this message lol

AntiAol Sounds familiar. I was BackStabbed back in those days iirc. Was not in vA however. Do you have discord?

nerds :slight_smile: o.0 o.o humph

Yea a lot of d2 players knew AntiAol was good peoples. I had a lancer barb and mf sorc and a lvl 9 dueling barb lol also played scbw a lot and wc3. we used to be on useast then expanded to west back in early 2000s in bnet prime. Logged in a channel and someone reminded me of Feanor[vA] who made the Firebot moderation bot. I retired in mid to end 2005 after highschool since I had to get my own place then my cousin got me on WoW lol. I guess you can call it nerds :rofl: but it was fun warring back then I cant lie lol
Some channels I remember off the top of my head
Clan [cF]
OP W@R Denial
Clan [vL] Winner[vL] - remember him at 9999 on starcraft lol winbot
Clan (2xX) c0ke
Clan [aC] CeLe[aC]
Clan OD - still active I saw the other day in game. Use to war other clans with one of thier founders Slipknot

Also another friend I lost on AIM account was :+:Sea!:+: from [vA] as well. Great memories suprised I remembered much with all I smoked :rofl:

BDS joerodge?! Horse bro?

Nah I’m not making a clan now its not the same how it was back then. Got to give Clan Overdosed props for keeping it going all this time. I was shocked to see all the people on diablo 2 when I logged in lol leveled up my barb and sorc to 89/88. Its crazy how we used to grind to 99 no problem, now it seems like forever :rofl: especially on classic HC I gave up at lvl 92 then went to LoD after it launched.

It is I comrades. I joined [vA] in 2000 as DouCHe[vA] and went to Clan aC. I was also a member of Clan Rome and obviously my nickname became Hide in 2000. I still used DouCHe[aC] until around 2003 when I JOINED [nK] as Sacrifice[nK] and then I made Clan kA [Kill aC] then I went with Clan hN with Riddle Haze Networks then I joined Clan Ls, then in 2006 to Current I been Clan hS high Society which became the biggest Clan on BNet according to ClanGnome. I also Founded Clan pK Peace Keepers and inspired Helm to make pK Warbot. I also brought back Clan aC in 2010 so CeLe could own Bnet for the Lulz.
Clan hS is on Discord and so is my better servers. Hit me up

Yea I remember you when you went to aC that’s when floodbots were at prime and warring was getting good lol all the hours looking for socks4 :rofl: [nK] yea I remember them too lol
I need to see if I can find my old harddrive in one of my moving bins, should have a screenshot with 1100 bots loaded still😂 and a lot of bot open source codes that I used to mess round with. Good to see ya douche! Hopefully some other clan/xclan members see this to see how they all doing!
Anyone remember a guy named Slybone ?

I remember everyone you mentioned besides slybone. I was actively involved with vA. I was a leader at one point. Haven’t talked to Anti, Feanor, or MuSTR in a few years
And I can prob find screenshots of 4-7k loaded. hS was #1 warring clan after Warden lol.
You remember XeoN / Char. That’s meh boy lol
And yes I came to Bnet in '98 but was in Clan KoA

I wouldnt be suprised to see a 8k 1100 was enough for my computer at the time lol good ol zds. Lotta ppl had trouble with the config.txt :rofl: comcast hated me scanning proxies i guess they were getting complaints when I was doing so. - range! Oh man good memories.
Char sounds familiar with all the weed I smoked since 04 suprised myself that I still remember much. Once i finish building my new computer def gonna install discord been on n off with my shi11y video card lol

Hide#6583 is my Discord
Weren’t you PwNeD[aC]. Pretty sure I knew you in vA, Rome, aC, and Clan hS lol

Sups JoeRodge it is Hide[DbM] here

Yea for a few not long though I think on uswest, right b4 I quit bnet because I had to move then eventually after a year or 2 my cousin was playing WoW and got me on then burning crusade came out and I was all bout raiding :rofl: started d2 recently to get a break off d3 and wow and all the old memories were coming back.

haha, hey. I am playing D2 on west :slight_smile: – op dbm

heeey lol. BDS HERE. :slight_smile: