Clan system improve

Hello, I’m a leader who’s currently running the Dark Clan.
I’m just asking because you have a suggestion about the Clan operating system.
In the process of inviting Clan One, there is no inconvenience in the case of the Shadow Corps Clan One being invited directly to the Dark Clan.
When you invite an adventurer, Clan One, or something like that, to our Dark Clan,
I can’t invite you as a Clan One who’s already in the process of recruiting.
I surfed the web and asked and asked game users
A clan member joined a clan, and they submitted two of the adventurer Clan, Akiba’s seals, and after the clan had submitted them, they were in the process of recruiting the shadow corps.
That’s why I couldn’t invite him to another dark clan, and he couldn’t join the clan.
It’s hard to collect Clan One because there’s not enough inflow. But even for those who play games, if you have a hard time finding Clan One… In my case, the goal of the game is to recruit Clan members and raise Clan not long after I made Clan. Because of these problems, it is so hard to play the game.
Honestly, there are a lot of problems. There’s a macro, too. And there are a lot of battleground bugs. If the computer is hit, it will fall below the battlefield, and the battlefield can’t move.
I mean, they’re all like… I think this Clan system is easy to fix. And if you play a little game, you know there’s a problem like this. I wonder if the developers have done it before, so I’m kind of sad and have a lot of thoughts.
Anyway, I want you to improve the Clan system. I would like you to give me some quick feedback for the remaining DIA Emotal users.