Clan name changed due to mass report

My clan name in Nilfur was changed to ‘Guild8ESH5’ by blizzard after a guy named KimHarvey told the world chat to mass report us. He was a former member but was kicked due to his disrespectful behaviour and for begging for free battle pass. After we kicked him he got so tilted he spread negative things about my clan and got people to mass report us. Our clan got sabotaged yet we got the penalty, not him.

Our clan name was Valhalla and i dont see how it violates the code and conduct of blizzard. I filed a ticket and the status says it was opened on 5th august 2022, hours after i submitted it. Seems like blizzard is not doing anything about it.

All we want is to get our name back.

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Yeah blizzard do something about this unprofessional way of banning people / changing their clan name without reason