Clan Management

Its a PITA to manage players in clans, need to be able to see stuff about players, such as last time logged in. You can only see this if you add them as a friend… but can only have 68 friends??

Not being able to search by character name is just stupid.

Ranking with no impact from clan wars is very questionable, makes the whole thing feel very unsatisfying.

Not being able to select who the Immortal is for Shadow Wars is stupid, clan leaders and officers have a ton on thier plates, they can’t be expected to be the best player in the Clan and forcing them to “lead” a PvP event is redundant.

Need more officer slots: at minimum should have 10 possible positions, 6 for class leaders (1 for each) and 4 for general management.

We had all of this and more in WoW but its all vacant from Immortal a game thats 20 years newer?

Need a clan message board, nothing extravagant, just something for simple clan wide, semi-permanent notifications.

Theres more obviously, but these are the biggest concerns and would be HUGE QoL changes.

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There absolutely needs to be a “Last logged in” in the clan details page, I kick based on level but inactivity has been difficult to track.

We have a discord and do weekly role checks, anyone who has not checked in for the week gets kicked. Discord is kind of a pain to have to use while using mobile for a lot of players but it works until this QoL gets added.