Clan disbanded after server merge

In JP server オンゴリ, we are clan Unstoppable.
There are too many bugs after server merge:

  • We were Shadow clan previously, but now become Adventures. This is not expected as server merge spec.

  • Many of us got into Shadow lottery and submitted the signets.

  • However, at the end of the day, many of us are disbanded from the clan.

  • Similar problems happened to other clans in our server too reported in world chat.

  • Members disbanded cannot rejoin the clan because they are already Shadow but the clan is still an Adventure clan…

This is very disappointing for the most active players.
We spent real time to grow the clan and community with real people there.
You cannot just disband everything we built.
Please fix it ASAP, get the clan members back to the clan automatically.


I have the same problem !

Another day has passed, this is not fixed yet and there is no communication about the fix plan.

Many clans are trying to create a new temporary clan to gather the lost people…

Still hardly believe this is happening.

Hey melvinxie,

Bliz has acknowledged that there was a bug the caused clans to disband. The only solution is to reform. Bliz has dispensed some compensation in-game for the inconvenience.

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