Clan crest - after the update is the default

After the last update, my crest changed to the default one. I had a skeleton skull in the hood. I currently have the wrong one, which is what I chose when I founded the clan. Please restore the appearance of the coat of arms, as I had it matching the name.

The hero portrait frame from the last All Clans On Deck event was a time-limited reward, i.e. it only lasted 14 days. As the previous event ended 16-17 days ago, this is entirely expected behaviour and not a bug.

I am concerned with the icon/flag/herb of the clan - it was changed after the last update. I had a skeleton’s head in a hood (selected when starting a clan), and now I have swords with a shield (standard like everyone else). I know the character frame has a time and it’s a different theme, but no problem.

Could you perhaps take some screenshots that clarify exactly what you’re describing…


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It changed after the last update to:

I had it set up when I started the clan:

Please FIX Dear Blizzard Support! :wink:

Embedding those for you…

Is there no way for the Clan Leader to alter the icon, e.g. at the clan NPC in the room where Assembly happens?

I am leader. Where i can change icon?
No option in Assembly, only for to do change clan is option.

I was asking if it was possible precisely because I’m not a clan leader.
I thought the clan NPC might have been where you could do it.

I set up a clan, I’m the leader, and I set up an icon/crest (I don’t know what to call it). The update last time broke it because I had a featured individual image of the clan, next to the clan name, instead of the standard one.

Hey want to say thanks for backing me up. Blizzard still won’t respond or make any effort

I understand that. It’s precisely because I’m not a clan leader that I was suggesting places that I thought it might have been possible to do this as I couldn’t test it myself.

Coat of Arms, maybe? Anyway, I’ll give my clan leader a nudge this afternoon and see if they know of any way to change this and, if so, I’ll come back with how to do it.

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Dear Blizzard, :pleading_face:

Is there a chance to repair and replace for my clan crest ?

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