Cheap eternal orbs seller

Hi blizzard… There are many third party ultra cheap eternal orbs seller now… They sell at 20 USD from a normal price of 100 USD for 7200 orbs…
Please take action… thank you…


This isn’t a bug. It’s a scam. These “businesses” typically work by logging into your account and buying the orbs on your behalf using some form of payment that they have. They CLAIM to be using unused gift cards and such, but the rumor (and most likely option) is that they’re using stolen credit cards. So you basically have to over your login details (bad idea) to a company who is probably using stolen credit cards on your behalf (VERY bad idea). Blizzard does need to create better chat filters and auto-banning of these accounts though. With DI being f2p, there is no barrier to creating new spam accounts for these people.

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No they don’t. Not only does Blizzard lose the money, they are penalized by the credit card company. Any refunded purchases cost the vendor. They also have to pay the labor to have their staff deal with it.

NO vendor anywhere wants stolen credit cards used. None. There is no “insurance” that you get paid when someone uses a stolen credit card at your business.

Scams like this should be reported to Blizz in game using the in-game reporting system to remove the spammer/scammers from chat. That is why Blizzard has the report options.


This is still an issue on Eternal Conflict server,
A man known as GreedyPie as contacted me about a “business” he uses in Iefnam & the Philippines that log into his account and he PayPal’s them for discounted Orbs.
I file at least a dozen tickets and these people are still there, getting much stronger. Is that valid?

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The scammers make money off it and it is a free game. One account gets banned and another takes its place. As long as there are gullible customers they will keep trying and Blizzard will keep banning.

All you can do is NEVER trust or use them, and report and block them.


I appreciate the response, and definitely would never trust them- I guess my redirect is about the individuals messing with the economy of the game ? I am a 1,400 res , never would trust the people who use my info on my account and buy orbs.
But these guys get 40% discounted orbs , so that guy with 3.5k resonance who has confirmed to spent 8000.00
Gets one-up’ed, ultimately- by someone @ a 40% pace if budget-margin was the same. Monthly.

That seems unfair to me, I’ve played tournaments in other games - and one thing that holds high in hearts of players is something that holds the game hostage . This is a financial indifference so perhaps it’s out of my grasp to touch base on.

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this is huge issue on Eternal Conflict, the leader of Elegy “greedypie” made money off his guild knowing the risks of them being banned with these illegal orbs. Other guilds such as Huaxia participated in illegal activity as well, as well as shadow rising member “Broski” definitely bought cheap orbs. Please check all 3 of this clans for transaction history and youd find a surprise. They are contributing to the game negatively by driving the market prices down as well as getting advantages over actual paid players such as myself.

Guild names that participate in illegal activies

Shadow Rising only known one so far “Broski”

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Server: Eternal Conflict

Can we get some help here?? Where is the customer service. I also filed a started forum I need assistance with asap , a rank-10 one star Everlasting Torment that I upgraded in compliance is vanished out of my inventory.
& these people on our server we share & play on together is getting swarmed with a serious issue.

Can we get a valid response here as to why nothing is being done in regards to the issue on the Eternal Conflict server?
We all share it and it affects us & puts a power gap & an unfair advantage. None of which seems to have any consequential actions being taken against guilty clans.

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MVPs are other players, not Blizzard staff. We do not speak for, or represent, Blizzard.

What you want assistance with is a systemic issue that the Devs and Hacks team need to deal with. They are not going to answer a tech report thread and tech support has nothing to do with anti cheating policies.

The only place the Devs have designated for feedback about game issues, besides actual bugs, is reddit.

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found another cheater

Eternal Fooking leader Thundersoap used illegal means to obtain what he has.

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Lmao so anyone over 5k res is a china orb buyer now?


It’s rampant in South East Asia.

The top resonance guys in my server even advertise his own discount shop.

It’s ruining the server with multiple max resonance characters owning the server

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We have a lot of these buffoons on our server and Blizzard didnt bat an eye even if I had submitted full documented screenshots the Customer service that most of these guys selling hacked credit cards and fake orbs as offline transactions. It is the epitomy of rockbottom garbage service. This is the reason why many people stopped spending as you cant compete with these fake discounted orbs. Please continue to support this movement till blizzard Diablo Immortal team moves their *** and do something about it and make the game enjoyable and fair for anyone specially those ones spending their honest money.


GreedyPie is the leader of my ally clan. Has he really been using these discounted services?

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Ya i tried reporting issues on the diablo immortal reddit and my posts get removed before they even post. The second I click post, it tells me moderators have removed it for not following guidelines even though there’s no swearing or anything and it’s a perfectly reasonable post about real issues in the game, including bug reports.

Blizzard, why are the people who committed orb fraud still allowed to play the game and queue in battlegrounds, ruining the experience for many players?

This guy laughs on his twitch stream he can still play the game even though he frauded his account.

He doesn’t cheat only 1 person in elegy bought cheap orbs which was 100 dollars so not even that much money I can confirm this because I am in the discord with them and I asked… Huaxia is cheating (I think idk) anyone else he found might be not to sure ign: PinkiePie

Not true is a myth i on eternal conflict too he has never brought up illegal black market orbs and is a nice dude you just hate us cause they ain’t us :slight_smile:

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