Chat window font and text entry sizing bugged

font in chat windows has changed to something like times new roman italic for me, and the text entry portion doesn’t fill all the way out to the side of the window anymore. All other fonts including the actual friends list itself remained the same.

I would like to have provided screenshots, but I can’t add links.

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In order to add links, you need to convert them to preformatted text.

Put the link in your post as you would normally, highlight the entire link and click on the </> button on the formatting bar at the top of the window.

Your link won’t be “click-able”, but your readers will be able to copy-paste your link in their browser to look at your screenshot.

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Hey there,

I’ve got the same time new roman font weird issue since 3 weeks ago.
Example here : h ttps://

Tried to uninstall/reinstall app and nothing change.
Switching beta/not beta doesn’t solve the problem.

Odd part is that some friends have the same thing and others don’t.

I know it’s summer (and also covid + current internal blizzard crisis) but how we don’t get any answer about this ?

Mine looks like this too as of a couple app updates ago. Not too long after this glitch appeared for me, I had to reinstall Windows entirely (thanks to Windows Update), and even on a fresh new Windows installation I still have this issue. It is likely a bug on their end.

I’m having the same issue… Sometimes the chat window will also be fully black (no texture or text) and I have to wait a few good seconds before anything comes up.