Chat ban for being a girl?


Don’t really understand why but I’ve been chat banned 2 times now. I’m super new to the game and and a pretty calm person, I don’t cuss or talk down to people and have never said anything mean to somebody in game chat. I honestly barely use my mic.

I’ve noticed every time i get chat banned it’s right after some random person has been super sexist telling me to shut up and get back in the kitchen. I don’t even talk back to them I ignore all of these remarks and focus on the match.

Please stop chat banning me…? Or at least show me what I’m being chat banned for? This doesn’t seem fair!

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I don’t know what game you were penalized in, but if this is WoW then you can ask on the WoW Customer Support forum for policy clarification. Customer Support - World of Warcraft Forums

I can tell you for sure it was not for “being a girl”. Nobody online has a clue who you are.

If you need to appeal an account penalty, you will need to use a ticket.

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Unless they imply the speaker’s gender from their voice…

Overwatch has voice comms for matches, I believe.

Don’t waste your time trying to appeal. No matter what the reason is for they will deny it regardless. and I’m surprised I’m even seeing this post since talking about the matter on the forum is against “code of conduct” and will get you silenced in the forum.