"Chat and Lounge" is bad in many ways


it seems that section “Chat and Lounge” has many bad points.
you can see online/offline status of people in chats (left sidebar) at lounge, which are NOT in your friendlist. THIS HAS TO CHANGE.

I had a conversation with someone in D3 (ingame) general chat (lfg 150 wiz+1 for example).

  1. But that chat is stored in “Chat and Lounge”. I dont like it, at least give us the option that this chat is NOT in lounge on BOTH accounts.

  2. you can see online/offline status of all ppl at “Chat and Lounge” you had a conversation/chat. they are not in your friendlist and yet they can see your status?

  3. If you remove someone from your friendlist (with any conversation you had). that chat is stored in Lounge on both accounts (mine and removed account). Thanks to Lounge that person can make a friend request to me and thanks to Lounge you (and that person) can see me if I am online or offline…

For me personally: 2) is the biggest thing. Remove offline/online status in “Chat and Lounge” at all.

Edit: After removing someone, that guy can see at “Chat and Lounge” everything I am doing, that I am online or offline, and even that I am playing D3 right now or whatever…
what is the point of removing someone if you can see everything at “Chat and Lounge”?!

Edit 2: I can think, that you think is a very minor problem because hardly anyone uses “Chat and Lounge” but this is a major problem for players who want to be invisible/away to unwanted ppl.

best regards