Chars disappeared

in my oldest acc all but one of my original chars have gone with my best gear from years of in game trading 5 chars have gone anyone got a clue?

Chars will expire? Did you not reg your account? If you did it reminds you via email that your account and or chars are set to expire and be deleted etc. This is very normal behavior for Diablo and nothing new?

Its not expired chars i too have just delt with this BS; 12 year old char gone poof vanish

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ive been playing for about 15 years its only since ive added 2 more chars tomy original 6 there is still 43 days left before i needed to perm them again and yes all my keys (2 sets) and my emails are registered after repurchasing both copies as the disks were causing problems with the patches

So what … now all you easy used set of disc cd … nice nice freelancers stucker

go and work on your english bud so people can understand your insults