Charity Server Blade Disappointment

Dear Blizzard,
I can’t help but take to the forums to express my disappointment with my first experience with your Gear Store. I ordered one of the 15th Anniversary Server Blades back in September. The website kept crashing and it took an hour for the purchase to be made. A few weeks later you redid the entire shop interface and it was a convoluted and hidden back entrance to review old orders. My order didn’t have any updates for weeks and it was up to fans on the forum to update me as to why the order wasn’t shipping, no clear communication from Blizzard. At the beginning of December it finally shipped. I was excited when the item arrived on Christmas Eve. But that excitement soon faded when I could hear little pieces rolling around inside the box. Who would have thought that a very heavy server blade falling against a perspex cover with almost no protective wrapping during shipping would cause it to shatter in several places. So I contacted your customer service department who say they’ll get back to me in a few days but it’s likely the item cannot be replaced.

I realize this is a first world problem, but it doesn’t make me feel any less disappointed. I only hope that you have learnt a lesson from this server blade fiasco, and that other people didn’t experience the same disappointment I did.

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I feel your pain. I just received my server blade and the perspex cover is damaged as well. I’m not sure what to do at this point as the gear store has changed and I don’t know who to contact.

Absolutely received mine in the same condition. Word around the internet is a TON of these are all arriving in the same haphazardly packed and relatively destroyed condition. I appreciate the “Charity” aspect of this purchase, but for a company as large as yours to skimp on the associated costs of making sure this was a well built and solidly packed item for shipping is unbelievable. Even more so considering that we the purchaser PAID for this shipping. I’m waiting for someone to tell me I’ll have to pay for return shipping as well, seems par for the course at the moment.

Just got mine, also broken in multiple places.

Just got mine today same issues as most everyone else. No actual protection and only four extremely thin foam pieces covering the corners. The case was loose and the backing almost fell apart picking it up out of the box. There was five pieces rolling around loose and broken inside the actual case. I contacted blizzard and was super frustrated trying to get a way to talk to anyone. The live chat person while nice was not helpful at all I don’t want to return this unless I am able to get a exchange and this time make sure that it is packaged property

Got mine in today, it looks like it did better than you guys here, but still has cracks in the corner of the casing and some of the support mounts to it are completely broken. I spoke with a live chat GM and we got a RMA ticket opened. But still in the same boat on waiting to hear back on options.

Got mine and it was shattered. Contacted cs and they authorized the return. They are unsure if replacements are even able to be obtained but I told them I just want my money back as I have no faith that the plexiglass will survive shipping. It’s really poorly made. Being an owner of many high end blizzard statues this was a complete disappointment.

I just got my blade today and it came in damaged as well. Seems very similar to all the other blades that came in damaged. Like most I just want a solution to the issue since most the money we did pay went to charity. I tried opening a ticket earlier to make sure I didn’t lose track of it or at least help blizzard get a count for the issue. Seems like they’re not taking new support tickets for store issues. So I figured I’d at least get this posted. Do we just need to keep an eye out for an email or some post somewhere about next steps for us or what next steps for blizzard are?

Yep, same as everyone else here. Received mine with a cracked case and several loose parts rattling around inside the server itself. Fun!
Support said 3-5 business days to figure out what they are going to do. :frowning:

Same deal :frowning: Poorly packaged and plexy bits rolling around inside the blade. I at first wanted to blame UPS for mishandling, but like the box isn’t even marked as being potentially fragile, and the 4 little foam bits in the corner are laughable. Hopefully some way to get a replacement plexy cover will be available :confused:

I got mine, and only a screw and a little blue piece was rolling around in it, I guess I was lucky - sorry for your frustrations.

But, there is no name for the server shard I receieved. I knew we couldnt pick which one we could get, but I would like to know the ‘name’ of it. There are tons of codes on the outside - I’m sure someone could tell me if I found the right person.