Characters still available?

Not even sure what to ask at this point.

I have pre log-in info: (acct. name / password)

I have log-in info that has worked in the past.
I know this because from the web, with no game installed, I’ve logged in and surveyed my character roster.
That log-in info is not being recognized.

I have a new log / password etc., that states or recognizes my initial acct. name … 0.o This information is among my inactive account information.

I have TWO retail box installs + keys to help iron this out. One is my wife’s.

How can I buy game time when I don’t know What I’m buy game time for?

How do I know what to log in with?

Will my characters be there ?

I will spend the money eventually if you can help me. What I am having trouble with regarding Support is eventually coming to a page that wants me to attach a picture of my DL to prove who I am.

I just need a place to start.

Please help. Thank you kindly.


First, you should know that this forum is for technical support on Blizzard’s Classic (ie, legacy) Games, such as Diablo II (2000).

I suspect/think/am guessing that your questions are referring to World of Warcraft (retail or Classic) – the only Blizzard game I know where you need to buy game time :wink:

If that is the case, then you are in the wrong place and should head to the World of Warcraft forums… “Customer Support” (under “Support”) is probably where you want to ask your questions. They may be able to answer your questions but, if not, they will be able to re-direct you to the proper place. Here is a link to the WoW forums:

Best of luck in your games !