Characters can't move, skills can't be displayed

use iphone 12pro. reach LV48 servers :马利杜思 》druing quest: eyes of dark.
then characters can’t move, skills can’t be displayed
even tryied unstuck ,characters goes back to wesmarch. Click on other screens and often crash .
I went to other servers and created a new character, all works fine, only this character keeps getting stuck.

I have the same issue samsung s21+

I’m having the same issue with my IPhone 13 Pro Max

Same issue for me :confused: S10 note+ and on S20 cant do reliquiar bosses, says missing frostige leere but completed bosses 3/2/1 alrdy…

Same issue on a Note20. I tried repairing but it didn’t work, so I just re-installed it and all was well.

same issue, galaxy tab 6

I deleted the game and reinstalled it and that fixed it. Thanks!