Characters briefly dissapearing from both API and Armory

We’ve gotten a few reports about characters being removed from being tracked by our service. So far only 3 reports but each of them behaves the same. They dissapear from the API, and as per data protection thing we remove them cuz they 404’s (thus dissapearing from our list). Their normal WoW Armory page also returns 404. I believe they also said that they dissapeared from WCL.
We let a few hours pass and suddenly they show up on both the Armory and API again - everyone said they didn’t touch the 3rd Party Dev tracking option.
The only trace id’s I actually saved of 2 people 404’ing are these and where done around 15:20 CET:

x-trace-parentspanid 1697d28a-2006-bb10-c4e3-fa165a83a621
x-trace-spanid 1697d28a-2006-bb40-c4e3-fa165a83a621
x-trace-traceid a8678e52-e742-3288-abef-19fd114301bc

x-trace-parentspanid 1697d28a-202d-8840-c4e3-fa165a83a621
x-trace-spanid 1697d28a-202d-8870-c4e3-fa165a83a621
x-trace-traceid fc149850-8cb6-38ff-aea6-def366fc7ccf

One whos profile 404’d on WoWArmory said that they started working again after logging in/out ingame, no idea if that’s somekind of hint.