Character stops responding

I am playing Diablo Immortal as a Monk, and one thing that has been repeating itself is when I use “shield of zen” ability every once in awhile it will get stuck with the area under my character highlighted in light blue and my cursor will turn in to a crosshair. I am unable to hit the skill again to turn it off or going to a different screen by pulling a menu then returning to the game. I will be stuck unable to use any other skills, basic attacks, or potions until I die. I will then resurrect and it will self correct but will happen again after using shield of zen once again. I find I have to restart the client itself for it not do that. It happened when I first created the character, but only twice. Once I unlocked and started using the “Shield of Zen” ability on the monk I find it happens a lot more.

PC Beta - I’m in crusader, and have similar issue - everything was fine until Zoltan Kulle, and now, everything will be ok, and then suddenly none of the weapons work, Q doesn’t work, etc. This happens usually when I’m in a story alone, but has also happened when I’m just walking around. Super weird. So far I’ve had to exit completely out to get my weapons and health to respond again. Also there was one of the mummys in the desert region that wouldn’t exit from the note. That was weird too. But I finally just ignored that mummy and went to click on the next item, and the door opened and then it worked. But that one mummy was glitchy every time I tried it.

Playing demon hunter and cant get past the very beginning. Quest says talk to the blacksmith so i do and nothing…talk to him over and over…no new quest happens. Games buggy as hell.

Trying to play today with my Necromancer but her main attack Soulfire is very intermittent when using, sometimes fires once then stops, sometimes twice and other times the action sound happens but nothing fires.
Trying to kill stuff without a proper working main attack is rather pointless.

I am getting the same with Monk, I am currently stuck in a Challenge rift, unable to click on the exit. The only way to get back from this non responsiveness is to die, as it thinks all your cooldowns are on, but you can;t even use primary attack. Blizzard please fix

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