Character Profile API not updating since 8.3.0

It seems the Character Profile API in the WoW Community APIs is not updating: my characters that I logged in to today and yesterday are still in the state they were before the 8.3.0 patch, and my new Vulpera is nowhere to be found yet. I am aware that these APIs will be phased out, but that wasn’t supposed to happen already now, wasn’t it?

I am seeing a similar problem. I created some new characters (a Mechagnome and a Dark Iron DK) and these characters are giving a 404 error in the Community API.

For example:

Returns “404 Not Found”

The data returned via the Community API for the Guild Members and Character Profile is still out of date and still has not been fixed.
The data appears to be weeks old.
For example Haven guild on EU Silvermoon realm has a character called Dionesia (a level 120 Druid).
The Community Guild Members API response shows her as having a Spec of Balance, Achievement Points of 24345.

The Community Character Profile API shows her as having total Achiev Points of 24425.
She plays Guardian spec and has not logged out as Balance spec for a couple of weeks.

By comparison, the new Profile API for Dionesia shows an Active Spec of Guardian, which is correct, Achievement Points of 24435, which is also up to date.

I am still using the old Community API, while I am still developing to use the new Profile API.
The Community API is returning old Guild Members and Character Profile data which is confusing my guildies (and me).

Please fix urgently, thanks.

We’ve resolved a number of issues with out-of-date data for Characters and Guilds in both Community API and in the Game Data and Profile APIs. Characters will need to log out of the game in order for their data to update. Guilds will need to have one character in the guild log out of the game in order for the guild data to update (which happens on an interval, so it may not update immediately on character logout).

If you keep seeing issues, please let us know!

I’ve seen this issue for a couple of days. No update since last Friday (January 24th).

Example of non-updated character:äkhen
Reputations, mythics, raids… none is correct.

Any update on this ?

We had an issue over the weekend in which EU characters stopped updating. This has since been fixed. Affected characters will need to log out of the game in order for their information to be updated.

I have a similar issue with the wow realm status api… https:// us. /wow/realm/status?locale=en_US http error 404 not found? I have an access token and I omitted from the uri fyi.

Thx for the info. Everything has looked fine since last night.

Same issue this weekend? Again, EU characters aren’t updated.
Is it something that will happen every weekend?