Character inspect graphics problem

When I click (C) to inspect my own character, there is NO DRAG BUTTON. I used to be able to inspect my own character and move it around without a problem, but now I can’t drag my character. It zooms into the torso/chest area INSTEAD of the face (as it always has in the past). When I inspect someone else’s character other than my own, there is a drag button and it zooms into their face like normal.

The other issue is that when I am in any druid form (cat, bear, flight, etc.) and I click (C) to inspect my own character, I only see my original worgen form. I do not see cat or bear or any other form. I have tried uninstalling my addons and resetting my UI, even reinstalled the game but NOTHING IS WORKING!

I reached out to customer service and they said it is a graphics issue that has to be patched! Please someone anyone respond because this is driving me absolutely insane and it is making me so frustrated I don’t even want to play anymore.