Character Boost - Refund?

Hello all… Purchased several of the character boosts last year (for level 120). Since there was a delay in the release for shadowlands, I went to some xbox games. Came back this afternoon - out of sheer boredom and found that the level cap had been changed back to 60. Question is… the characters that I had maxed out were now at 50. Why? Why not 60? So… can I get a refund on those boosts? Or can I get my characters up to 60… without having to purchase the “service” again?

You purchased a max level char boost during BfA. Max level then was 120. You received the service you purchased. Your chars were max level for BfA.

During the pre-patch before Shadowlands all char levels were “squished”. 120 became 50. That was the new max for BfA before Shadowlands. So, your 120 is correctly set at level 50 like everyone else who played BfA.

The newest expansion Shadowlands allows leveling from 50 to 60. Just like BfA allowed leveling from 110 to 120.

Like before, if you want to get to max level again, you need to purchase the expansion and level through the new levels in it.

Note: MVPs are other players, not Blizzard staff. MVPs do not speak for Blizzard.

I think you misunderstand.

Every expansion they raise the level cap and you have to buy the expansion and level to the new maxium.

Your chars were old level 120. Old level 120 = new level 50.

If you pretend that new level 60 is level 130 would that make more sense? You don’t get free Shadowlands levels - you have to go do the game content for those.

Here is the official link explaining what happened at the end of BfA and how the level changes worked.

You had the Max for BfA. Not Shadowlands.

Also, facts are not opinions.

No. Just no. If I ask you the time and you are not the National Time Standard org does that mean the time is false. No, you are perfectly capable of looking at a phone/watch/tablet and telling me the time. It is not your opinion.

Me telling you exactly how level changes worked and linking the source doc is not opinion.

What would be opinion is my personal thoughts on a level squish.

I understand you don’t like the information that was presented, but don’t pretend I was giving a personal opinion - by definition I was not.

Did you try to call them? I call once and they are nice