Character Achievements Summary - Toons not getting Credit

Profile API
Character Achievements Summary Endpoint

Summary shows credit for the Account, but not for the character. Note: I completed this achievement a few weeks ago, but character credit was not be attributed to the achievement. I’ve check the other guild members who ran this achievement with me, and the same issue.

Note: This issue appears to be related to the family of achievements, not just this specific one.

Is this something the developers can fix? Achievements are one of the key ways we keep members of our Guild and Community engaged and playing together. It is a great way for folks to experience portions of the game they haven’t yet experienced.

        "id": 18172,
        "achievement": {
            "key": {
                "href": ""
            "name": "Escar-Go-Go-Go",
            "id": 18172
        "criteria": {
            "id": 145591,
            "is_completed": false,
            "child_criteria": [
                    "id": 145592,
                    "amount": 0,
                    "is_completed": false
        "completed_timestamp": 1690767269000

this snipit shows the achievement is completed on “Mon Jul 31 2023 01:34:29 GMT+0000” once its completed criteria tracking stops on the api and the main achievement shows as complete