Char. transfer is not possible between two European servers

Ever since I’ve began to play with DI I’ve waited for character transfer because I was playing with German server and I’m an English speaker (so I don’t understand anything they say ^_^), since the char. transfer came out, I tried to move my main char. (Paid customer) from Qual-Kehk (Europe) to Angiris Council (Europe), the problem is when I try to do that, I get an error saying, “Only servers in the same locale can be selected”.

I’m frustrated because I feel that Blizzard encourages me and players like me (who began playing without known how the game works and provided with a default server) to retire from the game.

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Same thing in South America. All my games and Bnet account are in Portuguese, but they dropped me in a random spanish speaking server when I started Diablo Immortal. Now I can’t transfer my character to a server on which I would be able to actually communicate with people. Which is ironic, as they seem to pretty much force group content in this game.

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I have also accidentally started with North American server. I have invested a lot. Im stuck in North American time zone eventhough I am in Europe. We should be able to change chars among different locales.

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